Satraps War


Raid enemy territories by strategically deploying your troops. Fight off the enemy troops and collect the rubies. This Raid Game will train your brain to think in a logical and strategic way. Free to Play.

about the game 
Satraps War

Satraps raid is a free to play and download game. It’s a strategy game where you need to strategically deploy your troop, raid enemy territories and collect the rubies. Key characters are unlocked as you progress through the levels. Strategically choose to purchase troops with the rubies collected and deploy your troops to raid enemy territories.

Collect Rubies Strategically deploy your troops to raid enemy territories.

Improve your logical strategies
The raid game offers perfect game play in various designs for tackling the raid. Take part in an exciting strategy game and enjoy the intense action with dangerous opponents. Improve your strategic skills and collect your rubies to unlock more troops and territories!

Easy controls
Control and easy UI will let you drop your troops in the dark zone for raiding and create your own strategies to tackle the war. Embrace your duty!


  • Network Connection is required
  • 7 Different empire layouts
  • Collect Rubies to unlock and buy troops
  • Historically represented troops
  • A real-time strategy game
  • Different types of Weapons and defence structures
  • Choose your troops based on your strategy

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