Maze Path


Improve your logical thinking & challenge with tricky brain teaser levels.

about the game 
Maze Path

Play excellent pathfinding mazes or align many real ones with roads and buildings shaped mazes.

Maze path with 3D graphics map mode. Some extra special mazes forms are available, with roads and buildings shaped mazes. Can you solve all these mazes? Enjoy! Try to be a game master.

Test your skills or give your brain a good exercise? Give a try to this puzzle game to improve your memory speed and to get better accuracy by thinking and applying different alternatives. Maze path is a logical puzzle game which is rewarding even after a good brain exercise.

How to play?
Turn the roads by touching them and connect all of them and make a maze through which an avatar will pass to reach the destination through a labyrinth .Play a quick logical puzzle game, test yourself with tricky brain teaser levels in map mode. Be a king of this maze path logical puzzle game.

Different game modes:

  • Map Mode
  • Limited Time
  • Restricted Moves
  • Mobile-friendly game
  • Logical puzzle games will boost up your brainpower.
  • Test your IQ with multiple challenging maze levels.
maze path single player
maze path multiplayer


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