Skew Path


Skew Path ball sorting casual game is a fun and addictive free game.

about the game
Skew Path

Skew Path colour ball sorting game is a fun, relaxing and addictive casual game for kids and adults. Enjoy this logic game by drawing paths and leading colourful balls into different buckets. Overcome different challenges – apply logic to sort and collect colourful balls.

With 120 hand crafted levels, this is simple and easy to play game. It’s a perfect relaxation opportunity for your mind. Collect all colour balls by path drawing and have fun!

How to play?
Collect free falling balls by path drawing to lead them to their respective coloured buckets.

Draw paths to guide falling balls by drawing path into colourful buckets. You can guide balls through different colour filters and gears to change colour of balls and lead them into right buckets. In some levels you will also have loader pipes to transition balls from one part of game play screen to other part to lead balls into rightful buckets.

Strategic ways to win:
If you find levels too hard, you can always use 3 specially designed boosters to overcome challenges.

Fun and challenging game play:
Various episodes have their own unique structures that make the game more fun and addictive.
This game has four Episodes. With each Episode you will have to overcome more challenges and boosters with increasing difficulty.

Change theme based on your mood:
We also support multiple themes which can be changed as per your taste and preference. We support regular, space and beach themes.


  • One of the best ball casual puzzle games – For adults, boys and girls of all ages.
  • Adults – New puzzle casual game with strategic plan.
  • Kids – Cool puzzle game will improve your logical thinking.
  • Play daily, with its natural and user-friendly game tools and controls.
  • Popular 4 fantastic episodes with 40 levels in each episode. Play daily and challenge yourself in more and more difficult and interesting levels.
  • Amazing music to reduce your stress.
  • Multiple languages support including Indian local language, Spanish and Portuguese languages.
  • Support for Indian local languages include – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali languages.
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